Registration Information

The driving cost is $290.

I accept cash, checks, Venmo & credit cards.  If a credit card is used, there is a $10 processing fee.  My Venmo is Dave or Lisa McConnell@davesdriversed.  I guarantee your satisfaction.

Registration is easy. Click on Registration Form at the bottom of this page and print it off if possible or just wait and fill it out in my car when you start driving. The fee for the class is required the first time you drive unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  Don’t hesitate to call or text me if needed.  Cell (801) 602-6065

Please make checks payable to Dave’s Driving School.  I charge $50 for any bounced checks. Driving appointments can be made by texting, calling or emailing me.  Please give me at least 6 hrs. notice if you need to cancel a road drive.  I always take at least two students out driving at the same time so they can get driving and observation time.

Students must complete driving within one year of registration or pay $100 to have it extended. My insurance for each student is only good for one year.  Students can choose to either complete their driving in three sessions at 2 hours each or four sessions at one and a half hours each.  I would prefer 4 times if possible.

Driving is done before school, after school, and on Saturdays.  I try to drive those students that are the oldest first and then work my way to the youngest. I don’t drive on Sundays. If you have any further questions, please contact me at 801.602.6065.

Remember:  As of January 1, 2016, all new drivers must go to the website:, click on Traffic Safety and Trends and take a 40 question online test.  You must pass with 100%, and you are allowed to take it as many times as necessary.  You will be asked the same questions again until you get them all right.  It is an open book exam, and they will give you the answers to the questions you miss.  This test is included in the Eastshore course if you do it online.

Good luck!  You can do this!

Registration Form