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The 9 steps to obtaining your driver’s license:

1. Obtain a learner permit from the DLD.

This can be done at the DLD after the age of 15 and is only good for one year but can be renewed.  Therefore, I recommend waiting a few days after their 15th birthday to get it so that they may get their license on their 16th birthday without having to renew it.  You must have it for 6 months before getting a driver’s license.  You will need to pass a 50 question test with 80%.  You can take the test twice the first time you go there and then once a day after that.  The cost is $19.00* for your learner permit.                                  

                                        *DLD sets their own pricing, and these figures are an estimate.

2.  The assumption of financial responsibility by a parent or legal guardian.

3.  Furnish two forms of positive identification. (original birth certificate
and Social Security card or Passport.)

4.  Furnish two forms of evidence of your Utah residence. Bills will do.  If this address changes you will need to update it.

5.  Completion of a medical questionnaire and a vision test.

6.  Take our Homestudy course. Most students complete the book within a few days of receiving it.

7.  Drive 6 hours with Dave’s Drivers Ed.  

8.  Pass a required road (skills) test with either the DLD or a private third party tester and you will need your learner’s permit with you. Most testers charge around $50*. The DLD is free but there is a waiting list and you must be at least 16 yrs. old. Private testers will test you before your 16th birthday. If you want to get tested by the DLD, you will need to call and make an appointment. No companies can test their own students. Please watch my 8-minute video. This test takes about 15 minutes.

Orem DLD: 801-234-8269.   Draper DLD: 801-816-2607

9. Payment of $39.00* to get the actual license and one of your parents or legal guardian will need to accompany you.  You will also need to present your valid learner’s permit.

If you are over the age of 19 you don’t have to take the classroom part or the driving part. However, you can obtain it faster if you complete an online class and drive 6 hrs. with me. Otherwise, you will need to hold the learner permit for 3 months. You will still need to have a current learner permit and take a road test.  I can prepare you for the road test.

You should also call before going to the DLD and give them the 9 digit learners permit # and have them confirm that all of the requirements have been met. This will save you time and effort and not waste a trip there.

If there’s a problem please call or text me. Dave: 801.602.6065

As of Jan. 1, 2016 it is required that you go to the website: DLD.Utah.gov and take a final 40 question online test.  It is an open book and if you don’t get 100% you can take it again until you do.  You will be asked the same questions.  The good news is that they give you the answers to the questions that you miss.  

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