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Dave’s Driving School offers road driving with personal instruction for $290 and it’s well worth it. Just ask anyone that has driven with me. (see the reference tab and reviews)  I will pick you up from your house or from your school if necessary and drop you back off.

I accept Venmo (Dave or Lisa McConnell @davesdriversed), cash, credit cards or checks.  There is a $10 processing fee for credit cards.  I prefer that payment is done before or at the start of the first drive, however, if necessary we can work out other arrangements if done ahead of time.

I recommend taking an online class from ($45) for students that live in the Alpine School District and UtahOnline for those that don’t.

I would love to do the driving portion of it with you. Call or text Dave McConnell at 801.602.6065 to set up an appointment.

If you have taken, are currently taking or intend to take an online course, you are still required by law to have 6 hours of driving instruction. I can accommodate these needs by offering the driving time.  We can do this before, during or after the online class.  While driving you, I can help you with your online lessons, discuss vital information on safety and defensive driving skills to ensure your success on the road. You will be receiving vital information not only online but during the road driving time too.

I like driving you 4 different days at 1.5 hours per drive.  These drives can be done any time between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  I drive Monday through Saturdays and please call or text me for an appointment.  These drives can be done 4 days in a row, once a week or customized to your needs.  I suggest that you don’t wait to get started.  Grab a friend and let’s do this!  You don’t need any drive time with your parents before you start with me.  I have my own brake and it’s safer for me to drive you first.  You can start the day you get your Learner’s Permit.

Besides the 6 hours I give you, you also need at least 34 hours with your parents.  You don’t have to drive on the “range” (parking lot) because you get twice as much road time as the high school students when you drive with me. This is a HUGE advantage because there is no substitute for actual road driving experience.

You will also need to pass a 15 min. road exam with either the DLD (Driver License Division) or a private, 3rd party tester. I’m not allowed to test my own students but if you aren’t one of my students, I would be glad to test you. (See the Road Test tab)  I can recommend some private testers if you would like to use one. Most of them charge $40 and don’t have a waiting list like the DLD.  Click on the road test tab to see the requirements that you will have to meet and watch my 8-minute video.

I’m excited to help you learn to drive.  With the help of your parents, I can help teach you to drive safely and defensive.

Please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 801-602-6065 for more information and to set up an appointment to get started. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dave McConnell (owner)


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