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Dave’s Driving School offers road driving with personal instruction for $300 and it’s well worth it. Just ask anyone that has driven with me. (see the reference tab and reviews)  I will pick you up from your house or school if possible or we can find a convenient meeting spot. 

I accept Venmo (Dave or Lisa McConnell @davesdriversed), cash, credit cards or checks.  There is a $10 processing fee for credit cards.  Payment is due at the first drive.

I recommend a home study packet to be completed while I work with you. I am happy to answer and explain anything that is unclear. I will provide the packet on the first drive. Most students finish the packet in a few days. The cost is $70.

While driving you, I discuss vital information for safety and defensive driving skills to ensure your success on the road. 

Most questions are answered on this website. Text Dave McConnell at 801.602.6065 to set up an appointment.

You need three 2 hour drives.

Drives can be scheduled at any time between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. 

I drive Monday through Saturday.

Please text 801.602.6065 to schedule your first drive. The average time it takes to complete this course is 4 weeks. If you are in a hurry, we can reduce that time by half, so you can finish in 2 weeks. This fast-track option costs an additional $50. 

Besides the 6 hours I drive with you, you will need 34 hours of driving with your parents or legal guardian.  

You must pass a 15-minute road exam given by the DLD (Driver License Division) or a private, 3rd party tester. My company cannot test its own students. I can recommend some private testers if you would like to use one. Most of them charge around $45 and they do not have a waiting list, unlike the DLD. Click on the road test tab to see the requirements. Be sure to watch my instructive 8-minute video.

I’m excited to help you learn to drive.  With the help of your parents, I can help teach you to drive safely and defensively.

Text me at 801-602-6065 to set up your appointment!

Dave McConnell (owner)


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